Friday 18 February 2011

Australian Council of Quilters Conference

Canberra Quilters Inc is delighted to be the host of the Australian Council of Quilters conference, this weekend 19-20 February. This is held annually and has delegates from each of the state-based guilds, plus ACT, Darwin and Alice Springs. Guilds take it in turns to host the conference.

The venue for the conference will be the Canberra Quilters' Headquarters at the Cook Community Hub. Delegates are staying nearby at the Belconnen Premier Inn. The Conference Dinner will also be at the Inn.

Topics on the agenda include Teacher Accreditation, various issues dealing with exhibitions, valuation, newsletters and use of electronic media, response to natural disasters.

Some early-arriving delegates from Darwin and South Australia were able to attend the Wednesday meeting and enjoy our company. Canberra Quilters welcomes all delegates and hope you have a fruitful conference and an enjoyable time in our region.

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