Tuesday 30 July 2013

Last Monthly Meeting before Annual Exhibition

Hello Everyone, your friendly Exhibition Coordinator here with a couple of reminders for the August meeting this Thursday.

Can you believe it's just over a week to go before the Exhibition is officially opened?

Now's the time to make that final push on selling your raffle tickets as the books need to be returned to the Raffle Coordinator, Melinda Coupland Thorne, at the August meeting.  (If you can't make the meeting books can be returned to Melinda over the course of the Exhibition however all books need to be returned by Saturday 10 August!)

If you're wanting to get an early bird ticket to the Canberra Quilt and Craft Fair the August meeting will be your last opportunity.  You can purchases tickets from myself (Angie Wilson) or Liz Rose.  Tickets are $11 (that's a saving of $3 which is the price of some of those fabulous Fat Quarters that will be available in the trade hall!) and valid for use on any of the 4 days of the Fair.

We're still looking for able bodied men and woman to help with the assembly of quilting frames and quilt hanging on Wednesday 7 August.  If you're able to help (or wish to volunteer your partner to help out) please let Raylee Bielenberg know.  (It's a great way to see the quilts before the general public!)

This years Exhibition is shaping up to be a great one.  The quilts and creative clothing that has been submitted is so wonderful, varied and sublime that I hope you can all get a chance to see them displayed in all their glory at the Exhibition.

If there's any information you'd like, or anything that I can help with, please feel free to drop me an email (angie[at]gnomeangel.com) and I'll do my best to help you out.

See you all at the August Meeting!!!

Monday 29 July 2013

Exhibition Flyer Competition Entries

The Exhibition is less than 2 weeks away and entries for the Flyer Competition are still coming in.  (Have you got an entry to send in?)

Today we'll be sharing with you the entries from 4 of our wonderful members; Tracy Houston, Lisa Teasdale, Kathryn Hailey and Helen Rose.

Tracy has submitted an entry for the weirdest place to see one of our Exhibition flyers; Eurovision! Eurovision was held in Malmo, Sweden.

Tracy's second photo is for the furtherest location from Canberra. It's a sign on the Norway and Sweden border. The frozen lake in the background is Krutvatnet.

The next entries we have are from Helen Rose. Helen sent these 2 photos from Italica, which is a Roman city that was established in Spain in about 206BC. It's the birth place of Emporers Trajan and Hadrian. The flyer is sitting beside 2 of the many (almost) intact mosaics in the city.

This next photo from Helen is from the Renaissance palace, Casa Pilatos and, according to Helen, looks like a quilt. (Can't argue with her on that one!)

Helen has also sent in this amazing photo of the flyer next to the tiles from the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. (Isn't it amazing!)

Kathryn was lucky enough to visit the New York and sent some amazing photos of a quilt store called "The Brooklyn General Store".

Kathryn wrote:

"Last week I visited a beautiful quilt shop here in Brooklyn called "The Brooklyn General Store" It was wonderful - a very old building with oak floor boards (which creaked delightfully), original fittings, etc. And the fabrics were really different. Not the usual run of things I've seen - lots of stuff from the fifties, and reproductions from earlier days! And not to mention the knitting wools!!!
Anyway the lady who waited on me was really lovely - so I asked her if she would agree to put a Canberra Quilters flyer in the shop and she agreed and did so while I was there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give her a coloured flyer but the black and white one was fine! (didn't have access to a colour printer)!
One fun thing though - as I was looking through the fabrics she had a beautiful one there from Australia with Fairy Wrens on it! That was great fun to see." 

And rounding out our jet setting quilters is Lisa's entry. While Lisa didn't actually traverse the globe, her friend Nancy did and she was kind enough to take a Canberra Quilters flyer with her.

Nancy took our flyer to Arizona, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Thank you ladies for your entries, they're all fabulous and make me long for a holiday.

If you'd like to enter our flyer competition there's still time. There are 3 categories you could enter:
- the furthest geographical (as the crow flies) place from Canberra,
- the weirdest place possible, and
- with a celebrity.
There will be a prize offered for each category. The competition is open to all Canberra Quilters Inc members. Prizes will be awarded at the September Canberra Quilters Meeting. Entries to be emailed to angie@gnomeangel.com

Small print: Winners will be decided by the Exhibition Committee. Judges decision is final and discussion will not be entered into. Closing date is 7 August 2013.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

CQ Library - new books

Periodically our librarian Beth will update the website with details of new purchases. You can check out the latest additions here.  These books are generally available for loan to members at the following evening meeting.

The library is also open after the ROWmakers and Wonderful Wednesday meetings and at the Friendly Friday meeting. Check the calendar for details of these meetings.

Friday 19 July 2013

Small Japanese Projects meeting 24 July - change of venue

The convener of the Small Japanese Projects meeting, Wendy, has advised of a change of venue for next week's meeting only. This means that the Canberra Quilters' room will not open for drop-in until 1 pm.
Here is the message from Wendy:
Hi everyone

Wintry weather means a little shopping would be good to cheer us up. So we are NOT meeting at Cook this month. We are meeting at Addicted to Fabric, 25 Dundas Ct, Phillip, at the usual start time of 10 am.

We want to explore modern  Japanese fabrics. They are very different to the ones we normally use for quilting. Great inspiration for small items suitable for presents for friends, nieces and granddaughters.

To start you thinking, here are some sites using modern Japanese fabrics:

Addicted to Fabric is a long-term sponsor of Canberra Quilters. They give Canberra Quilters a 10% discount, so bring your membership card. And it's also a great shop, with inspirational classes and fabrics.

Come along prepared to review your ideas of 'Japanese' fabrics. Afterwards, we will adjourn for coffee to a Bite to Eat in Chifley.

It's going to be fun!

Delivery Day for exhibition approaches- 27 July

Delivery Day for items to be exhibited this year is from 9 am until 6 pm on Saturday 27 July, at our premises in Cook. That is just over a week for those of you counting down-or counting the stitching hours to get your items finished.

The exhibition roster has been finalised and a copy will be available for checking on delivery day. Everyone who is on roster should have received a copy via email, or notification of your roster shift.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Wonderful Wednesday meeting 17 July : Antique buttons

At the Wonderful Wednesday meeting on 17 July Marie Reed will talk about her collection of antique buttons. Come along and see these beauties from the past.
This is a sit & sew meeting, held in the hall at the Cook Community Hub. Meeting runs from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm.
Afterwards there is drop-in in the CQ room until 4 pm. The library is open straight after the meeting.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

ROWmakers set an interesting challenge for next round

ROWmakers met today and here is a message from convener Joanne:
Another pleasant meeting this morning. There weren't as many blocks as normal - but I can't talk, I've still only done three.
But I do know what I'm going to do for the next three (thanks to my friend Annette for a brilliant idea for today's "quite interesting" challenge).
Now I just have to get the designs from inside my head to fabric. I'm not sure that will happen before the Quilt Show, but hopefully I'll manage one.

Now for the "quite interesting" ingredients:-

. PINK (Jenny Reynolds)

Have fun!!!

Hopefully I'll see lots of you at the Quilt Show - I'll be in the Sales Room most days.
If not, our next meeting will be straight after on Wednesday 14 August.
I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts that some of our members entered in the Exhibition.

Cheers, Joanne

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Modern Quilting meeting on 11 July

The Modern Quilting group has their meeting this Thursday, from 7.30pm.
Here is a message from conveners Michelle and Jenny:

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all staying warm! I know I'm very happy to be binding quilts at the moment - another extra warm layer to snuggle under while I work!

This month at the modern quilt group we will have a catch-up session. Bring along your machine to work on the blocks you've worked on the last few months, or finish off quilting your exhibition quilts, or just bring hand sewing along (that's what I'll be doing).

Sit and sew and cups of tea with friends. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend an evening. :)

Don't forget your show and tell! Quilts, books, mags, stories ...

Look forward to seeing you Thursday - from 7.30 but I'll probably get there around 7.15.


Michelle and Jenny

Thursday 4 July 2013

Canberra Quilters Members' Success at NSW Guild Show

Some members of Canberra Quilters are also members of the Quilters Guild of NSW. Congratulations to all who exhibited in the recent quilt show at the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair.
The following CQ members (listed alphabetically) were awarded places and prizes at that show:

  • Joanne Barraclough- 1st place in Traditional 1.2 - Predominantly Machine Quilted, for 'Big Blue';
  • Lucy Carroll - 1st place in Pictorial Quilt, and Viewers' Choice, for ' Soldier On';
  • Lucy Carroll - 2nd place in Art Quilt for ' Bark Life';
  • Pat Godden - Judges Commendation in Commercially Machine Quilted 14.2: Small, for 'I Never Promised you a Rose Garden', quilted by Helen Godden;
  • Beth Miller - 4th place in Art Quilt for 'The Rain';
  • Lynda Nikolovski- 2nd place in Traditional 1.2 - Predominantly Machine Quilted, for 'Snowflake';
  • Elizabeth Rose - 3rd place in Art Quilt for 'Pathways'

You can view images of these and the other award winning quilts here.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

International Quilter Dena Crain speaks on 4 July

Visiting international quilter and teacher will be the guest speaker at our monthly evening meeting on Thursday, 4 July. Meeting starts at 7.30 pm.
Here is a link to Dena's website.

Dena is also teaching workshops for Canberra Quilters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so the CQ room is not available for normal use.