Wednesday 9 February 2011

2nd Wednesday Meeting - Row by Row Challenge

Canberra Quilters held the inaugural new meeting today - the "second Wednesday of the month" meeting. Throughout the year this meeting will focus on a Row-by-Row Challenge - approximately 40 members have signed up.

Each participant makes their own quilt row-by-row, one row a month. Each row must contain two ingredients, one drawn from each of two lists. Each month those who have completed the previous month's task will go into the draw to choose an ingredient. Once an ingredient has been chosen, it is crossed off the list.
The ingredients chosen at this meeting were "diamonds/hexagons" and "purple". So we now have to make a row incorporating those two things. A great deal of discussion occurred after these were chosen. Diamonds could be part of a block, blocks set on point, fabric with diamond shapes. Purple could be a major colour component of the row, a tiny sliver of fabric, or a small part of the print.
Below is a photo of similar quilts from another version of this challenge. They were all made with the same ingredient pairings so there can be huge variety in what can be achieved.
For example in one quilt we have applique baskets, and the other two have basket-weave piecing. This satisfied the basket ingredient.

Looking forward to next month's rows being revealed.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these examples. I was not at this meeting and they give me a much better idea of what is involved.