Monday 27 August 2012

Viewers Choice Awards from Exhibition

These are the details of the items that won their respective Viewers' Choice Awards:

    Quilts: Beth Miller, Night Bloomers 
    Challenge and Tiny Treasure: Pam Malone, Red Poppy
    Creative Clothing: Donna Sunderland, Japanese Garden
    Hangers' Award: Jenny Cook, The Eyes of the Allfather

Tuesday 14 August 2012

ROWmakers special get-together- Sunday 19 August

The ROWmakers normally meet on the second Wednesday of the month, but because of the exhibition timing they skipped the regular meeting.
To make up for the gap and to let our "correspondence" participants to come to a meeting we are holding a get-together this Sunday, 19 August, in the CQ room, from 2.00pm until 4.00pm

Members and visitors are welcome to come along and see what this design exercise is all about, join us for afternoon tea and a chat.

The July meeting had a double draw of themes to compensate for the missed meeting. The themes chosen:
Round 6 - red, spots/ stripes, hearts
Round 7 - green, embellished/embroidered, birds

To recap the earlier rounds:
Round 1 - black, curves/circles, stars
Round 2 - orange, diamonds/hexagons, people
Round 3 - blue, piecing, plants
Round 4 - purple, words, crazy piecing
Round 5 - white, applique, houses

Monday 13 August 2012

Link to Canberra Times article about exhibition

For those who missed the Canberra Times on Saturday here is a link to an article by Ian Warden about the Exhibition and the Craft Fair. There are additional images attached to the online version of the article than appeared in the paper.

This is an earlier article by Ian Warden about some of our junior exhibitors, Jonathan and William Bielenberg.

Wonderful Wednesday Meeting on 15 August

Now that the exhibition is over for another year, the normal meeting and drop-in schedule resumes. The first meeting is this Wednesday in the Hub Hall, from 9.30am until 12.30pm.
Members who exhibited quilts and clothing in the exhibition are asked to bring their items for Show & Tell.
This month it is BYO morning tea snacks (tea & coffee are provided).
Library will be open after the meeting in the CQ room.

Members and visitors are all welcome.

Raffle drawn - results

The Exhibition Raffle was drawn at 4.00pm on Sunday. Winning ticket-holders get to choose which prize they wish to take.
First-drawn ticket, 00381 (Sue Bourke), chose the Bernina Overlocker Model 700D.
Second-drawn ticket, 03286 (Fiona Hammond), chose the Kingfisher Design Wall from Brindabella Quilting Systems.
The third-drawn ticket, 04574 (Christine Bell, received the quilt 'Batik Rhapsody', made by Janet Cruise and Elizabeth Rose, quilted by Jenny Bowker.
Congratulations to our winners.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Exhibition opened today - long post

The Canberra Quilters Annual Exhibition opened today, in conjunction with the Quilt and Craft Fair at EPIC in Canberra. Lots of people out and about, with the exhibition being officially opened by Helen Maxwell.
The judging of quilts took place on Tuesday and here are the results (long list):

Special Awards
Bernina Best of Show
Phar Lap Phashion, Helen Godden
Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award
River of Grace, Bronwyn Hill
Bernina Excellence Award for a Junior Quilt Maker
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Ineka Voigt
Best Use of Colour
The Quiltmaker, Jenny Bowker
Chiatanya Designs Embellishment Award
A Little Bit Crazy, Margaret Barclay
Retaining the Tradition
Blackgate Interchange, Janelle Noack
Excellence in Hand Quilting
Under the Same Sky, Nobuko Miyake
Claire Ayling Batik Award
Six Part Harmony, Fiona Hammond
Modern Quilting Award
A Little Bird Told Me, Anieta Barendrecht
Margaret Armistead Award
Round the Garden Like a Jelly Bear, Joanne Barraclough
Allan Armistead Award
Mickey and Friends Help the Environment, Chloe Ann Reed

Category Awards
Category 1- Bed Quilt (non-professional)
1          1- Round the Garden Like a Jelly Bear, Joanne Barraclough
2          34- Wings, Sue Wood
3          9- Aqua Log Cabin, Julia Dawson
Highly Commended - 19 - Snowball, Gwen Leonard
Category 2- Bed Quilt (professional)
1          38 -Baltimore Ladies Remembered, Stephanie Newman
2          37- Night and Day, Ann Haddad
3          36- Blue Gentleman, Raylee Bielenberg
Category 3-Wall Quilt (non-professional)
1          61 - Going Round in Circles, Pat Parker
2          46 - Great Southern Flora, Rosemary Butt
3          52 - Happiness, Wendy Hirst
Highly Commended - 62 - Rose-Tinted Memories, Joan Porta
Category 4-Wall Quilt (professional)
1          72 - The Quiltmaker, Jenny Bowker
2          74 - Under the Same Sky, Nobuko Miyaki
3          73 -Feast Days and Festivals, Margaret Lamb
Highly Commended - 76 - A Year in the Land of Aus, Therese Rankmore

Category 5-Mixed Media Quilt (open)
1          79 -Phar Lap Phashion, Helen Godden
2          80 - Maharajah's Fantasy Bloom, Fiona Hammond
3          82 - The Fire, Beth Miller
Category 6-Art Quilt (open)
1          91 - Night Bloomers, Beth Miller
2          88 - River of Grace, Bronwyn Hill
3          87 - Six Part Harmony, Fiona Hammond
Highly Commended -8- Flow #3, Dianne Firth

Category 7- Group Quilt (open)
1          94 - Pop Rock Pools, Helena Ablett
Category 8- Commercially-Quilted Quilt (open)
1          110 - Blackgate Interchange, Janelle Noack
Quilted by Sarah Lennon - Piece by Piece Quilting
2          103 - Travelling the World, Louise Fredericks
Quilted by Fran Wilson - Willowpatch
3          99 - Star, Lynette Adams
Quilted by Kay White – Kay’s Quilts
Highly Commended - 106- Twisted Hexagons, Michelle Law
Quilted by Raylee Bielenberg - Sunflower Quilting

Category 9- Challenge Quilt (open)
1          133 - Red Stones # 3, Dianne Firth
2          137 - Bintang Beauties, Janet Heffernan
3          124 - Red + 1: Shades of Grey, Anieta Barendrecht
Highly Commended - 154 - Is it a Jug or a Vase?, Annabelle Sullivan
Category 10-Tiny Treasure Quilt (open)
1          167-  Mandala, Colleen Reed
2          165 - Mini 30s, Julie Herring
3          170 - Faces in the Crowd, Wendy Saclier

Category 11-Creative Clothing - Classic
1          172 - Once Old, Now New, Louise Fredericks
2          175 - Japanese Garden, Donna Sunderland
3          177 - Think Japanese, Dawn Wilson

Category 12-Creative Clothing – Art to Wear
1          178 - Canadian Adventure, Sandra Farley
2          179 - Gold and Green Leaves, Dawn Wilson

Category 13- Creative Clothing – Accessories
1          180 - Tobiishi Sash, Wendy Saclier
2          181 - Floral on Black, Dawn Wilson
Category 14- Creative Clothing – Challenge
1          185 - Fuchsia Cape, Sandra Farley
2          184 - RE(a)Dy for Anything, Andrea Carew
3          187 - The Promise of Spring, Beres Senden
Highly Commended - 182 - 100 Plus One, Dell Armistead
Category 15- Quilts by children - primary school
1          190 - Keyholes, William Bielenberg
2          194 - Mickey and Friends Help the Environment, Chloe Ann Reed
3          191 - Pink and Purple Parade, Laura Kristina Kleine Butron
Highly Commended - 193 - Beary Best Friends, Charlotte Jackson

Category 16- Quilts by youth - secondary school
1          196 - The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Ineka Voigt
2          195 - Flame Bird, Jonathan Bielenberg

Now it is back to my job as Exhibition Secretary and hopefully not such a large time gap between posts. I hope to post some images tomorrow evening.