Monday 7 October 2013

New Look Canberra Quilters Inc. Website

The Canberra Quilters Inc. website has had a makeover and is now the home to all things Canberra Quilters Inc.

You can now directly email members of the Committee by clicking on the email links on this page.

You can read all about the Special Interest Groups, workshops and see what's coming up on the Canberra Quilters Inc. calendar.

You can now also sign up to a new monthly email newsletter by clicking on this link.  This newsletter is not, and will not, replace the quarterly newsletter, Connecting Threads, which members receive as part of their annual membership fees.

The new website has been designed to display member's work and is currently displaying a selection of winning quilts from this year's Members' Exhibition.  This will be updated regularly to give all of our members a chance to show case their work.

Connecting the Blog has moved and can now be found here: Connecting the Blog

We hope you love the new look!


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I bet since you are a quilter, you would have a lot of scraps of fabric that you could turn into woven rugs. That's what we use when we weave them. I'm sure it is relaxing, but not so much when we wre at the fair. At the fair, it is hot, and we are always talking to people interested in weaving. And that's the only time I weave a rug, since I don't have a loom. I do love it though.
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