Monday 2 September 2013

The Last of the Flyer Competition Entries

The Exhibition may be behind us but there's still more flyer photos to share.

These photos come from Di Ballantyne.  Di took our little flyer on a big adventure on board the Trans Siberian Train Trip. The flyer went to Sydney, Singapore, Beijing, Ulan Bataar, Irkutsk (Russia), Moscow and St Petersburg and back via Singapore and Sydney.

"The most isolated was the steppes on Mongolia, the most remote was the ger camp in northern Mongolia, the closest connection (to patchwork and quilting) was the Mongolian Quilt shop I found in Ulan Bataar, and the most distant from Canberra was the Field of Mars Park shot taken in St Petersburg."

We also had 2 more photos from Patricia Branford:

Opposite the Matterhorn. At a place called Rotenboden

The following photos are from Dell Armistead's children:

Thank you to everyone that entered.  Prizes will be awarded at the Thursday 5 September Meeting. 

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