Friday 12 April 2013

ROW makers meeting held on Wednesday 10 April

At the meeting on Wednesday we gathered again to hopefully bring in our efforts from the second round and choose the elements for the third round. Here is a report from out convener, Joanne:

I love the fact that we're getting over 40 people every month. Our room can comfortably accommodate that many. I expect there might not be so many when the weather turns nasty and the lucky one's head elsewhere. But some of us will still soldier on! (Did I hear someone mumble "martyr complex").
I thought Wednesday's meeting was really interesting. I appreciated the way people were sharing their design decisions.
The INGREDIENTS for next month are:-

 . YELLOW (Margaret Lamb)


A little (!) bit more challenging than the first two months but I'm sure we'll be able to push the boundaries.
Here is an image, taken by our new Secretary Jacquie:

As you can see in the background we only have a couple of blocks/bags/ items each so far - it will build throughout the year.
Recap of ingredients:
1) Green & circles/curves
2) Blue & geometric (squares/ rectangles/ triangles)
3) Yellow & Celtic/ stained glass

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Michelle said...

40 people! What a fantastic group. If I didn't have to work full time I'd be there with you.