Saturday 10 November 2012

ROWmakers last meeting of the year- 14 Nov

Joanne has sent a reminder that next Wednesday is the last ROWmakers meeting of the year. We should get to see all those completed tops (at least) from this year's design exercise. Meeting runs 10.00 for a 10.30 start, until noon.
Here is a bit more from Joanne:
I'll be letting everyone know about the outline for next year. It's a little bit different and some advance notice might allow ideas to percolate. But we all need a little bit of a challenge to keep those grey cells active.
If convenient, a small plate would be appreciated. And you might want to bring your cameras.
I'm hoping for a really good turn-out.

The final list of design options is:
1- black, curves/circles, stars
2- orange, diamonds/hexagons, people
3- blue, piecing, plants
4- purple, crazy picing, words
5- white, applique, houses
6- red, spots/ stripes, hearts
7- green, embellished/ embroidered, birds
8 - yellow, pictorial, bugs

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