Tuesday 14 August 2012

ROWmakers special get-together- Sunday 19 August

The ROWmakers normally meet on the second Wednesday of the month, but because of the exhibition timing they skipped the regular meeting.
To make up for the gap and to let our "correspondence" participants to come to a meeting we are holding a get-together this Sunday, 19 August, in the CQ room, from 2.00pm until 4.00pm

Members and visitors are welcome to come along and see what this design exercise is all about, join us for afternoon tea and a chat.

The July meeting had a double draw of themes to compensate for the missed meeting. The themes chosen:
Round 6 - red, spots/ stripes, hearts
Round 7 - green, embellished/embroidered, birds

To recap the earlier rounds:
Round 1 - black, curves/circles, stars
Round 2 - orange, diamonds/hexagons, people
Round 3 - blue, piecing, plants
Round 4 - purple, words, crazy piecing
Round 5 - white, applique, houses

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