Thursday 28 June 2012

ROWmakers sets interesting challenge for next block

Joanne West, the co-convenor of the ROWmakers meeting on the second Wednesday, has sent a message about the latest meeting. The three ingredients selected for the next block sets an interesting combination for some.
Hi Ladies,
We were a slightly smaller group than normal, but still very enjoyable. I guess quite a few ladies had better offers -half their luck!!!!
Just when we thought we had everything under control, we got this month's INGREDIENTS:
 .WHITE - Liv Gee
 .APPLIQUE - Leonie McPherson
 .HOUSES - Mary Thompson

Anyone doing a Christmas quilt is laughing - as for the rest of us, some serious thinking is required.

I looked up some quilt names in my 5,500 blocks book. As well as the obvious (log cabin, courthouse steps etc), there were blocks with 'housewife' in the title and even ones with 'white house' in the name (white house, lady in the white house, white house rose, white house steps) - a chance to kill two birds with one stone!

Weekend get together
We thought we'd organise something between the July and September meetings.
The possible dates are Sunday 22 July, Sunday 19 August or Saturday 1 September, for afternoon tea.

I would appreciate feedback on which dates are suitable so that we can confirm a date at the July meeting. (Wednesday 11 July) 

Have fun with your next block,

Cheers, Joanne

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