Saturday 3 March 2012

Like to meet the members?

At our evening meeting on the first Thursday of the month we have a group of members who perform an important tole. They are "the greeters". They are stationed at the front entrance and welcome people, get you to sign in, give you your lucky door ticket and answer any questions you may have - or point out who you can ask.
For the past two years the members of Allsorts friendship group has performed this role. They are retiring from this and would like to handover to another group. Here is a description from Pam, of Allsorts :
The task is not onerous and we have had a lot of fun taking on this role.

So if it is that great, why aren’t we staying on? Well we did consider this; but for most of our group, our lives have changed very significantly in the last 12 months and we need to step aside for the moment to take up other roles. Life will change again as time goes by.

It is a job we would however highly recommend for a friendship group – or just a small group of friends (3 people per night is a good number – but not everyone will be able to come each time). It is easy, enjoyable, fun.

It is a great opportunity to ‘do your bit’ for a year without taking on a huge role. And you don’t do it alone either! Of all the jobs at CQ this has to be one of the simplest, with very little time commitment, no preparation and minimal responsibility. And you get to meet lots of new (and old) faces.

If you would be interested in having a go, but don’t belong to a friendship group (or you are interested, but your group is not), and you would be happy to work with others in a similar position, then contact Melinda (president) or Tricia (vice-president).  Enjoy!

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