Thursday 11 August 2011

Results of judging - Canberra Quilters Exhibition - Long post

Judging for the exhibition took place on Tuesday, 9 August, and the results have been embargoed until now.

The exhibition was opened by Pamela Tawton, long-standing, award- winning quilter, today.
Below is a long post detailing the places awarded in each category and the special awards. Images of these quilts and clothing items will appear soon on the Canberra Quilters website.

Pamela chose the recipients of the Margaret Amistead and Allan Armistead (junior quiltmaker) awards - for a first time exhibitor.
These went to Silvia Foira for Tropical Flower (Margaret Armistead) and Charlotte Jackson (Allan Armistead) for Paradise Playground.

Judging Results:
Category 1: Bed Quilt (non-professional)

1 Elaine Niit, Floral Windows
2 Karin Malmberg, Karin’s Saffron Sari
3 Beth Mackay, Timeless Blessings

Category 2: Bed Quilt (professional)
No awards made due to insufficient entries

Category 3: Wall Quilt (non-professional)

1 Jenny Houston, Red Centre
2 Silvia Foira, Cottage in the Cotswolds
3 Helen Rose, Kamon and Kimono – Fat Quarters Challenge
Highly Commended - Christine Gainey, Chinese Coins for Christmas

Category 4: Wall Quilt (professional)
1 Nobuko Miyake, Tea Bowls
2 Beth Miller, The Elephant
3 Dianne Firth, Field
Highly Commended - Beth Reid, Penny Rug

Category 5:Mixed Media Quilt (open)
1 Helen Godden, Lilli Marlene
2 Dianne Firth, Rain
3 Yvonne Williams, Poppy Stages
Highly Commended - Susan Blood, Unfashionable

Category 6: Art Quilt (open)
1 Helen Godden, Freedom
2 Beth Miller, Emu
3 Elizabeth Rose, Pathways

Category 7: Group Quilt (open)
1 Helen Godden, Seasonal Sisters
2 Robyn McPherson, Connecting Threads- Line of Design – Red
3 Elizabeth Rose, Gourmet Rows

Category 8: Commercially-Quilted Quilt (open)
1 Pat Godden, Japanese Windows
Quilted by Fran Wilson-Willowpatch
2 Sylvia Frazer, Journey of a Quilter
Quilted by Robyn Cawdron – Plain and Fancy
3 Katy Ciacia, Beach Days for Lotte
Quilted by Fran Wilson - Willowpatch
Highly Commended - Elaine Niit, Moondance
Quilted by Kay White – Kay’s Quilts

Category 9: Challenge Quilt (open)
Theme: Home
1 Helen Godden, At Home in his Arms
2 Anieta Barandrecht, Fragile: Handle with Care
3 Elizabeth Rose, Living on the Crescent
Highly Commended - Janet Cruise, Home is where the heart is

Category 10: Tiny Treasure Quilt (open)
1 Brenda Gael Smith, Dreamline #4: Lorikeet
2 Patricia Butron, Turning Triangles – Revisited
3 Lyn Steel, Memories of Japan
Highly Commended - Dianne Firth, Erosion

Category 11:Creative Clothing - Classic
1 Donna Sunderland, Dragonfly II
2 Irma Armytage, Japonesque Top
3 Jacquie Rogers, Asymmetrical Vest

Category 12: Creative Clothing – Art to Wear
1 Dell Armistead, Everything Old is New Again
2 Sandra Farley, Falling Leaves
3 Dawn Wilson, Fern Fronds

Category 13: Creative Clothing – Accessories
1 Patricia Butron, Fold, twist, stitch and shout
2 Louise Fredericks, Denim Bag
3 Lynn Steel, Scrappy Bag
Highly Commended - Andrea Carew, Am I ever at Home?!

Category 14: Creative Clothing – Challenge
1 Andrea Carew, Home is Where you Hang Your Hat
2 Dell Armistead, Black and White and Read All Over
3 Louise Fredericks, Granny’s Home

Category 15: Quilts by children(up to 12)
1 Ineka Voigt, Apple
2 Talitha Thompson, My Secret Garden
3 Charlotte Jackson, Paradise Playground
Highly Commended - Kristina Butron, LKKB, that’s me

Category 16: Quilts by youth (13-17)
1 Stacey Waring, Desire

Bernina Best of Show
Helen Godden, Freedom

Best Use of Colour
Helen Godden, Lilli Marlene

Chiatanya Designs Embellishment Award
Helen Godden, Seasonal Sisters

Retaining the Tradition
Elaine Niit, Floral Windows

Excellence in Hand Quilting

Nobuko Miyake, Tea Bowls

Bernina Excellence Award for a Junior Quilt Maker
Ineka Voigt, Apple

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