Tuesday 14 June 2011

Row by Row Meeting - 8 June

On 8 June the Row-by-Row meeting was held. The elements to be incorporated in this month's row were butterflies, bees, bugs and the colour orange. Not everyone was able to make it - illness for some, and the fact that it was only 5 degrees C and windy meant others didn't want to venture out. For the 20 who made it there were some great interpretations presented.
Here are some images:

Dragonfly fabric solved the bug challenge

Nasturtiums and butterflies by Pat, Orange Peel block and bug fabric
 by Karin

Closeup of the nasturtiums

Berys is working on two quilts for this challenge- this is number 1

This is number 2

Joanne made her fourth "row" the corner blocks for the border

Closeup of some of Joanne's blocks

Sandra is going to turn her rows into a jacket

Butterflies and dragonflies - quilts as you go

For some it is producing a landscape, for others it's just crazy!

Sometimes there are leftovers - this will become a cot quilt for QFO

The elements for the next row were chosen by Robyn and Joan. Robyn chose "flowers, trees & leaves" and Joan really helped us all by choosing the colour green. The next meeting is on 13 July. We then have a break until September while the Canberra Quilters Exhibition is on. Catchup time for some of us, perhaps?

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