Tuesday 20 October 2009

UFO Pledge for 2010

In 2009, 44 CQ members pledged to complete 62 of their UFO projects by the evening meeting in November 2009. Many CQ members have indicated that they want to clear a UFO our of the way and want to take the pledge for 2010. So here is am opportunity to set a goal for next year. Sign up and take the pledge to complete your UFO by November 2010.

The September newsletter contains a pledge certificate for your to sign and hand in to the Vice President Elizabeth Rose. Blank certificates will also be available at meetings. You will need to nominate a specific project on the pledge and be ready to show the completed quilt in November 2010. You may choose to show the incomplete UFO and tell the story at the December 2009 meeting. You may want to wait until you see the results of the 2009 pledge participants at the 5 November meeting before you take the plunge.

You have until December 2009 to make the pledge and you can nominate more than one project to complete.

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