Sunday 23 August 2009

ArtCloth Exhibition: Engaging New Visions

If you are heading up the Hume Highway, you might like to stop for at the inaugural International ArtCloth exhibition, 'ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions, Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery, 29th August - 11th October 2009. Opening at 2.00pm Saturday, 29th August by Joan Truckenbrod, Professor of Art & Technology, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA.

The list of participants in the exhibition includes:
  • Laura Beehler, USA
  • Claire Benn, England
  • Regina Benson, USA
  • Jane Dunnewold, USA
  • Susan Fell-McLean, Australia
  • Claudia Helmer, Germany
  • Cas Holmes, England
  • Ken Kagajo, Japan
  • Helen Lancaster, Australia
  • Jurate Petruskeviciene, Lithuania
  • Jeanne Raffer Beck, USA
  • Julie Ryder, Australia
  • Joan Schulze, USA
  • Tjarya (Nungalka) Stanley, Ernabella Arts, Australia
  • Norma Starszakowna, England
  • Tjunkaya Tapaya, Ernabella Arts, Australia
  • Annie Trevillian, Australia
  • Joan Truckenbrod, USA
  • Jurate Urbiene, Lithuania
  • Els van Baarle, The Netherlands
  • Marie-Therese Wisniowski, Australia
For further information visit Jane Dunnewold's website

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