Thursday 7 August 2008

2008 Exhibition Prize Listing

The following awards and prizes were announced at the official opening of the Canberra Quilters' Exhibition this morning. Congratulations to all concerned. Images can now be viewed in the website gallery. Remember, you can purchase a CD featuring ALL of the quilts on display for $12.

Hashim ©Jenny Bowker
  • Best of Show: Jenny Bowker, Hashim (pictured)
  • Best Use of Colour: Fiona Hammond, Botanical oddity
  • Chiatanya Designs Embellishment Award: Fiona Hammond, Botanical oddity
  • Keeping the Traditions: Jan Laut, Florilegium
  • Excellence in Hand Quilting: Nobuko Miyake, Chairs are always with us
  • Margaret Armistead Award: Joanne West, In the Red
  • Alan Armistead Award: Kristina Kleine-Butron, Flower Garden
Category 1.1 – Bed quilt
1 Joanne West, In the red
2 Lorelle D’Arcy, Japanese wedding quilt
3 Frances Buscombe, Japanese fantasy

Category 1.2 – Wall quilt

1 Jenny Cook, Sadako’s rainbow
2 Yvonne Williams, Ahead
3 Jocelyn Green, Concentric

Category 2.1 – Bed quilt
1 Kerry Gavin, The two of us
2 Jan Laut, Florilegium
3 Judy Turner, Hundreds and thousands

Category 2.2 – Wall quilt

1 Nobuko Miyake, Chairs are always with us
2 Beth and Trevor Reid, Dreaming
3 Helen Godden, Sikh and Find

Category 3.1 – Mixed media quilt
1 Brenda Smith, Acacia bloom
2 Fiona Hammond, Botanical oddity
3 Rosemary Butt, Growing enthusiasm

Category 3.2 – Challenge A Novel Idea
1 Joanne West, Contemplating Jane
2 Rosemary Butt, It was a dark and stormy night
3 Dianne Firth, Coffee swirl

Category 3.3 – Tiny Treasure

1 Sue Robinson, Checkerbox
2 Dianne Firth, Mini-cell #2
3 Helen Godden, Lyrebird

Category 3.4 – Group Quilt

1 Elizabeth Scroope, The magic of three spirits
2 Cecelia Kaye, My creamy green
3 Alison Yamazaki, Every cook needs a garden

Category 3.5 – Commercially Quilted Quil
1 Kathleen Hunt, Indiana shade garden
2 Margaret Thomson, Lavender green
3 Marie Reardon, Floral appliqué quilt

Category 3.6 – Art Quilt

1 Helen Godden, Mother Earth
2 Dianne Firth, Cone
3 Beth Miller, The girls of Tyrone Farm

Category 3.7 – Creative Clothing (everyday
1 Donna Sunderland, Chou-Kasuri coat and bag
2 Louise Fredericks, Granny’s little sweetheart
3 Lyn Steel, Handbag

Category 3.8 – Creative Clothing (anything goes)

1 Wendy Saclier, Anyone seen those old jeans?
2 Giselle Burningham, Minister’s cope
3 Louise Fredericks, Second chance

Category 4.1 – Children (up to 12 years)
1 Ineka Voight, Pokemon patch
2 Talitha Thompson, Dragonfly dance
3 Kristina Kleine-Butron, Flower garden

Category 4.2 – Youth (13 to 17 years)

1 Stacey Waring, Procrastination lost
2 Lyndal Slater, Bedazzled

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