Tuesday 15 July 2008

Hanging Around

The Canberra Quilters Exhibition is less than a month away. Have you attached a sleeve and a label to your quilt(s) yet?

ALL quilts, including tiny treasures and challenge quilts must have a sleeve on the back to accommodate a security wire. Quilts have been stolen from CQ exhibitions in the past and, to prevent it happening again, a security wire is threaded through a sleeve on the back of each quilt. The wire is thin but the dowel "needles" are thicker, so a sleeve 10cm (4 inches) deep is required.

If one of your exhibition quilt entries measures 240cm or more, it may be displayed at the Exhibition on one of our custom-made quilting frames. In order to use our frames effectively and to display your quilt to its best advantage, please put a split sleeve on your quilt. You will find special instructions on page 10 of the June issue of the Connecting Threads newsletter.

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