Friday 7 September 2007

Why should Canberra Quilters have a blog?

Connecting Threads is the quarterly newsletter of Canberra Quilters (CQ), the Australian Capital Territory's quilt guild, which holds an evening meeting on the first Thursday of every month. Connecting Threads is distributed to members - and only to members.

The CQ committee members make announcements about future events at evening meetings, but not all members come to the evening meetings - and hardly anyone gets to all of them.
Many of the announcements will have been in Connecting Threads - but again, not all of them. So how do members who don't get to the meeting hear about those announcements?

The CQ committee has decided to create a blog, just as the New South Wales Quilters Guild has done, to keep members (and others who are interested) up to date on what's happening between meetings.


With a Q said...

Well done on getting a blog happening! I have missed a few meetings, and now that I am not on the committee, find it harder to stay in touch and organised. Keep up the good work!

aykayem said...

Good Idea!